you know what I am so sick of people messing about with their phones and shit when I’m trying to talk to them do you realise how rude that is? literally the next time someone does that I’m just gonna walk away and if they ask why I’m just gonna say “oh sorry was that rude?”

I get that people change and that’s fine but I have an issue with it when people change for the worst and get shallow and mean and shit

hahahaha arctic monkeys were fucking hilarious they couldn’t have given less of a shit

I had a weird dream the other day where me and my brother got into a massive argument in a cafe and I stormed out onto a beach (?) where I found a younger version of him playing in the sand with a bucket and spade and I helped him build a sand castle

gosh I haven’t listened to grimes in forever

I fancy hayley williams

I see boys my age and I’m like nah too young

I thought this was interesting

High levels of stress (e.g. in an exam) = reduced natural killer cell activity (part of natural immunity system, in which macrophages and phagocytes absorb invading pathogens i.e. gets rid of viruses, bacteria and parasites) = reduces immune function, potentially making you more vulnerable to illness/infection.

These effects are more prominent or noticeable in students who experience higher levels of isolation.

I don’t understand how some people can be so rude and disrespectful to their parents.