I see boys my age and I’m like nah too young

hahahaha arctic monkeys were fucking hilarious they couldn’t have given less of a shit

I had a weird dream the other day where me and my brother got into a massive argument in a cafe and I stormed out onto a beach (?) where I found a younger version of him playing in the sand with a bucket and spade and I helped him build a sand castle

gosh I haven’t listened to grimes in forever

I fancy hayley williams

I see boys my age and I’m like nah too young

I thought this was interesting

High levels of stress (e.g. in an exam) = reduced natural killer cell activity (part of natural immunity system, in which macrophages and phagocytes absorb invading pathogens i.e. gets rid of viruses, bacteria and parasites) = reduces immune function, potentially making you more vulnerable to illness/infection.

These effects are more prominent or noticeable in students who experience higher levels of isolation.

I don’t understand how some people can be so rude and disrespectful to their parents.